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“We will say the White is White and the Black is Black … reform in the future will never be but by knowing the faults of the present”.

Abdullah Alzayed
Founder of the first newspaper in Bahrain


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BJA holds seminar on the Field Reality and Challenges Facing Women Journalists
March 16, 2013

Marking International Women’s Day, BJA held a seminar titled “Field Reality and Challenges Facing Women Journalists” at its headquarters in Juffair.

The seminar covered a number of topics that talked about personal experience of women journalists and the challenges they face in the field.

The participants affirmed in their recollection of their personal experience that the woman journalists in the Gulf face numerous issues amongst them are not given high positions in institutions and the lack of confidence in their potentials and qualifications, the matter that led to shortage of women cadres in some of the institutions.

In this respect, BJA Chairman Mr. Moaness Al Mardi said that the seminar comes at a time when light should be shed on the role of women in the journalism work and the challenges facing them.

Statistics show a decrease in the number of women journalists working in the fields, he pointed out.

Meanwhile, the Head of the Freedoms Committee Mr. Abdullah Al Manae affirmed that the objective of the seminar was to study the way which the woman journalists can be enabled to continue her journalism work in light of the social and cultural reality which we live in, and to shed light on the difficulties which the woman faces in the field journalistic work in Bahrain, as well as identifying the reasons behind refraining of some women from this work.

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